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CREBA Classroom – Bruce Pascal

On Thursday, October 19th, Bruce Pascal with Cushman & Wakefield presented his acclaimed “50 Ways to Win Business”  for our first CREBA Classroom of 2017. Although the more senior industry professionals might have found the tips obvious, his examples and easy story telling method made them more relevant to our younger audience members and certainly inspired a feeling of “Oh!” when he made connections between consistency, character, and contact.

We learned that you’re in the best position to obtain wealth when you’re “earning money while you sleep” and that we need to be living our lives connecting to others. Bruce emphasized the connections we can make while we’re working, playing, and just living our lives. From our children’s school and activities, to the maitre d’ at the restaurant across from the office, to the doctor you should be going to yearly to stay at the top of your game physically, there are opportunities in every moment of our lives as long as our antenna are up and looking.

Bruce’s presentation energized the room, and gave everyone plenty of food for thought.

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